• Experience in the market?

    Decades of experience working with a wide range of companies, government entities and contractors to support successful hiring of nationals and international hires. Our services are preferred by some of the most recognizable brands, projects and institutions in the GCC.

  • Types of clients?

    PMC and EPC; Specialist manufacturers; Upstream – exploration & production, Midstream – transportation & storage; Downstream – refining and marketing; Renewables – solar, geothermal, wind, biomass, hydropower; Utilities – Water, sewage, electricity, desalination, dams & natural gas.

  • Types of jobs?

    Engineers across all disciplines, Senior technical management, Support service roles, Executive hires.

  • Track record?

    100’s of placements made every year for engineers, management and leadership roles.

  • Why choose Team Players?

    We have an unrivalled network of candidates within core, emerging and niche markets across the GCC and especially in Saudi Arabia. Contact our specialist team to find out how we can help you source the very best people at info@team-players.net